Do you want to draw attention to and increase interest in your product, company, services? Our promotional models are the way to go. We have a database with over x models and x years of event staffing experience. Our staff is certain to find the perfect models for your next event.

Build an Image

Our promotional models are very attractive and educated in consumer marketing and sales. Promo models are used to engage consumers, relay company information, and to perform demos for the company/product they are representing. These models are the link between buyers and sellers; they are able to communicate the benefit of your company’s products and services to potential customers.

Get Noticed at Your Next Event

Our promotional models are often used for entertainment marketing, merchandising and print materials, personal selling and trade shows. These models are perfect choice if you want to present information, increase demand or differentiate your products. Our models can hand out fliers and talk to people about your company.

Personality Makes the Difference

Promotional models reflect your image, so it is very important that the promotional models you hire reflect your brand’s image and persona professionally and accurately.

When staffing an event for you, our account executives will work with you to find a promo model that is a perfect fit for your brand. For athletic brands, we often use fitness models, while bikini models are used when the brand’s image is more fun and flirty.

Fitness Models

These models are sought after for their great physiques, as well as their knowledge of the fitness industry. They are able to talk about fitness products and services with ease.

Bikini Models

Bikini models are usually used to hand out print materials. They are an excellent way to promote your brand, as they radiate confidence and sex appeal.

Featured: Mark Anderson

Mark was born in the poor side of the Bahamas where it did not matter what gifts you were born with, as there were no outlets to share them. When he came to the US in 2002 he quickly realized he wanted to share his with the world and has been working towards that future ever since. He has the look, and style that the current generations are looking for, and he has the skill to sell whatever he is modeling for.

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Featured: Zhanna Karim

Originating from Russia and moving to the USA in 2016 Zhanna holds a Bachelor degree in Human Relations, and is a very active and communicative person. Currently preparing for the fitness bikini competition which will be held in Orlando in May of 2017 she is very health conscious and hits the gym for hard workouts regularly keeping her fit and trim. She is also an accomplished dancer who loves inspiring people with her modeling and dancing.

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Featured: Liz Miersch

Born in New Jersey in 1991 and currently living in Orlando, FL, Liz Miersch has a passion for beauty. She is an aspiring young woman looking to make it big in the modeling world. Her outgoing nature, love of the camera and attention grabbing smile make her an outstandingly talented model. You can find Liz volunteering her time at the local Pet Rescue by Judy, making an impact on hundreds of abused animals with her unconditional love, foster care, and desire to find them homes.

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Featured: Dana Miersch

Dana was born and raised in New Jersey before moving in Central Florida. I work full time at Walmart and on my spare time I am a Zumba Fitness Instructor. I have one brother and two sisters one as which is my identical twin. I enjoy dancing ,shopping, and going to the beach.

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