Tradeshow models are a great way to do both. Organizations of all sizes use tradeshow models for exactly these reasons. Typically they are used for their beauty, but professional tradeshow models are also very intelligent and have college degrees more often than not.

Generating Interest

Our Tradeshow models generate interest in your business or product. Hiring one or more increases consumer interest in your company's products and services.

These models are often referred to as "Booth Babes". Their beauty, personality and charm draw attention to your booth as well as coversing with attendees and even qualifying sales leads.

Expertise That Makes a Difference

Our models are skilled at learning the information about your product and/or services and relaying it to your booth visitors.

Our models have years of sales experience. They are so professional, many visitors think they are employees of the company they are representing.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Our Professional tradeshow models look amazing, but more importantly, they can qualify or generate leads for your sales team while engaging a large number of attendees. They are used to handing out sales materials and scanning badges. This allows your team to stay focused on their interaction with prospective buyers. We also have Product Demonstrators to showcase your products and demonstrate their benefits and value, as well as professional greeters.


Our greeters are both friendly and attractive and can easily be used to welcome guests into an event. They provide attendees with an excellent first impression of either your event, services, offerings, or promotions with a stylish flair.

Booth Babes

These models are typically used during conventions and promotional events to get attention and also to promote a product and/or service. They are used to being right in the spotlight and are excellent at crowd interaction.

Product Demonstrators

These models are adept at demonstrating any products functionality, and are experts at displaying a products benefits and features to individuals and crowds, while giving your company a professional image.